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Thunderbird 2 Hangar

November 2015:

As a child I grew up with a British television series from the year 1965 "The Thunderbirds".
I loved the series and was a big fan of The Thunderbirds rescue vehicle number 2.
For me it was very important to keep the same vintage look and feel as the original series, without losing it by making the hangar feel too digital and clean.

Other personal goals for this project: Creating the scene inside the Unreal Engine and learning substance pipeline.
After spending approximately sixteen working days on the complete Thunderbird hangar, I can look back at a tough but great ride.

I’m very happy with the results and I’m proud to present you the Thunderbird 2 Hangar!

Rutger stegenga tb2 1
Rutger stegenga tb2 8
Rutger stegenga tb2 10
Rutger stegenga tb2 4